IIMS begins it Metamorphosis!

Indian Institute for Montessori Studies was started in 1996 with the main objective of providing quality Montessori teacher training from Bangalore, India. It also aimed to bring back the ideas and methodologies of Montessori as applied to Primary Education, long forgotten in our country. Keeping the basic principles the same, the training program was adapted to suit the needs of the children and teachers here, by adding elements of Indian languages, culture and History. It is a matter of pride to announce that our efforts have been largely successful. Montessori Method in the primary school is now accepted by the community, and well established in India. Some of our alumni of the batches from 2000 – 2005 have gone on to become trainers in their own rights in other training institutions. It is time for the role of IIMS to change to suit the new scenario. The strengths of IIMS are listed here:

  • A strong link of the training to the work in the field, through consultation and mentoring.
  • The research work carried out by our faculty has been presented in national and international forums.
  • Our faculty were invited to represent the organisation and the Montessori Movement in seminars in various countries.
  • Our work with the Government institutions has been carried out through the Project Hosa Chiguru.

To keep pace with these changes, the courses offered in 2016 – 17 are also undergoing modification. The Institute will be conducting a full-fledged Pre-Primary course and a separate Primary course to benefit children between 6 – 12 years. These changes will also be reflected through the re-structuring of our website. Please keep in touch to stay abreast of these new developments, or write to our email address.

Hosa Chiguru

The work at Hosa Chiguru has expanded enough to gain a separate identity of its own under the umbrella of the parent organisation. To read more about it, please visit the new website, www.thehcfoundation.net.