Me too for Montessori

Designed to implement Montessori method incrementally in large traditional schools while keeping the methodology's principles intact

Indian Institute for Montessori Studies

Indian Institute for Montessori Studies was started in 1996 with the main objective of providing quality Montessori teacher training from Bangalore, India. It also aimed to bring back the ideas and methodologies of Dr.Montessori as applied to Primary Education, long forgotten in our country. Keeping the basic principles the same, the method was adapted to suit the needs of the children and teachers here.

Our Training programme

The IIMS offers both Pre-primary and Primary Montessori Teacher Training as a linked program. The advantage is that the Pre-primary Montessori Teacher knows what his/her students need when they go to a higher class. Similarly, the Primary Teacher knows where his/her students come from. The training program focuses on the continuum of development in the child’s life.

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Our Outreach Programs

Under the heads of Hosa Chiguru and Me too for Montessori, the staff and students of IIMS implement Montessori environments in traditional learning setups, bringing about acceleration in learning, and empowerment of the child.

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